Getting Started Bitcoin Poker


Despite the fact, the Bitcoin was not intended for online poker. Bitcoin’s contribution to the industry cannot be questioned. The Use of bitcoin has greatly simplified online payments. It has allowed players to hide their identities. Likewise, use of bitcoin has allowed anybody to have access to online gambling and enjoy what it has to offer, many players without the fear of being recognized or identified.

It may be quite difficult to have bitcoins at first, but when you have succeeded to get some, the rest goes well easily. Most poker rooms accepting bitcoins no longer require or just require a little personal information about the player who is signing up. To learn more and know our recommended sites, just continue reading.

Buying Bitcoins

The first step is to acquire some bitcoins. When you have them, you make the next step. For all U.S. residents, you can link your bank account to the largest, most convenient, and fastest Bitcoin exchange, the Coin base. Other methods that include those that are quite personal are provided in this guide.

If you want to keep your identity hidden, it would be best to keep away from big and known bitcoin exchanges, as they usually require submission of any documents including your identification for their record purposes. Most people prefer to buy their bitcoins from local bitcoin trader, especially if they are used to participating in gambling activities in and out of the country. Being tracked of their activities will not be a worry.

Comparing Poker Sites

When you have the bitcoins, you can proceed to look for the poker room where you want to play.

You can learn different services from Bitcoin reviewer. From the list containing Bitcoin poker reviews, you can find the casino most suitable for you. It is easy to use bitcoin, making it possible to move from one site to another. It is possible to try what the site has to offer before making a decision as to which site you prefer the most.

For serious and high volume players, rakes must also be considered before choosing the best site.

Every business needs to make profits; otherwise, it will not be able to survive. Thus, hard-core gamblers should choose a poker room having a lower rake so that they do not have to pay more than what is necessary.

Seals with Clubs Overview

One bitcoin poker site that has been trusted by many players worldwide is the Seals with Clubs. It has been established since 2011. It is recognized and trusted. This is one factor to look for the best online poker room when you start participating in the Bitcoin gambling society.

To join this site, you only need to provide a username and a password. An email address is only optional. After signing up, you can download the software and start playing right away or anytime you want to. You can even use your Android device.

At Seals with Clubs, one Bitcoin is equivalent to 1000 chips.

You can play at several tables at the same time provided you can monitor all your games. Not only you gain experience a lot faster, it could also be more profitable for you as long as you can handle all your games.