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If you are looking for a safe and registered online bitcoin casino, look no further. Vera & John are an online casino based in the EU. It accommodates players who prefer using bitcoins. It is by far a great achievement as a licensed online casino recognizes the use of bitcoins. As the only legitimate registered online casino that accepts use of bitcoins to bet, many players can now enjoy this betting privilege.

This online casino has a wide collection of prime casino games in a reputable, reliable, and safe gaming platform. Its goal is to become the leading online gambling website for all casino players all over the world by providing incomparable gaming experience. Accommodating bitcoin gambling is a step towards realization of its goal. The use of bitcoins will expose the players to the myriad of features and benefits that are as follows:

Wide Range of Top Casino Games

There will always be available bitcoin games that players can choose from. This online casino is priding itself of its wide collection of exceptional casino games. There are plenty of table games available; the player will not find difficulty in looking for a popular game or favorite game. In fact, many popular and favorite casino games are offered at this online casino. These include the Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots, Keno, and Poker among many others. You are assured of a superior gambling experience.

Flexible Mobile Gaming

Vera & John made it even better by providing all their customers the convenience of betting using a mobile device through their mobile Bitcoin casino. This mobile Bitcoin casino can be accessed using any mobile device such as iPads, iPhones, or any Android devices. They made it more convenient by making this possible without needing to download any app. Now, players can already enjoy all casino games using bitcoins through their mobile devices.

Hassle-Free Deposits

The unavailability of this feature is probably the only downside of this online casino. It is not possible to deposit into your account. Nevertheless, the website makes up for this downside by offering alternative ways for depositing bitcoins into their accounts. Actually, this alternative is almost the same as having this feature. You just need to deposit real money into your account and the website will convert the amount you prefer to convert into bitcoins. Just send the amount, which you like to convert to bitcoins to the wallet address or even by just having the QR code scanned, will already validate your deposit.

Reliable Cash-Out Process

slot-bitcoinWithdrawals can be made like how you process other payment transactions. Thus, if the player wants to cash out their winnings, all he needs to do is make a request for withdrawal. The process will be completed within 24 hours. Therefore, after it has been approved and processed, the withdrawal can already be credited to his Bitcoin wallet address.

This decision of Vera & John casino to allow Bitcoins to be used for betting on their system is a milestone in Bitcoin gambling as well as it is also a great improvement of the online gambling industry. As a result, more players will choose to play at this online casino.

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