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Bitcoins and litecoins have been the latest fad in the online gaming world and many of the gaming websites have already embraced this digital currency. Once you have won money on the gaming platform, you do not pay any commission for you to make your withdrawals. The good side is that you can make the withdrawals almost instantly. This review looks at playtin. You will understand its strengths and weaknesses, so keep reading.

Playtin features

The site has many exciting features that ensure that the players have an exciting time. For example, the site has many games to play. This means that whether you are a fan of slots, card games or any type of game, you are catered for and everything is done for you.

Another exciting feature is that you have the benefit of downloading any software that you require to play the game. The good side is that the software is free to download and you can download as many as you want. Once you have developed interest in the games, registering is easy. This is because the site has a quick to fill registration form. The form requires you to fill your name, date of birth, and your email address. If you do not want to directly fill the registration form, there are many other options that you can use to register yourself.

For example, you can do the registration with your Google profile. Here you only need to authorize the site to use the information in your Google profile. You also have the benefit of using the information on your facebook page.

In addition to this, the site has a training manual that teaches you how to play the different games. The training manual comes in handy to many new players who want to learn how to play. The good side is that the manual is written in easy to understand English thus; you will easily understand what is written.

Other than the training manual teaching you how to play the different games, it also teaches you how deposit and make withdrawals.

Improvements probably needed

Although, the site is very good looking, many features need to be improved. For example, if you access the site from another site, you will probably not know the games that the site offers.

This is because the site does not offer any information on how to play the games. Lack of information repels many people, which reduces the number of people playing the games on the site. Information is very important thus the site should strive to give information on how to play each of the game to attract many players.

Another thing that the site lacks is promotions. If you look at many of the gambling sites, you will see that most of them are offering promotions (especially registration promotions). This is to woe many people to register with them. Playtin does not offer promotions, which is very bad for business.

Customer service

The site has excellent customer service; the representatives are polite and respond to your queries within a very short time, which is very good.

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